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Change is inevitable. Life is full of surprises. In order to become the best possible version of ourselves, sometimes we need to look beyond what we've been told is important and ask the question: is there something more? High Scores is all about embracing these pivotal moments in life and defining what matters to you. After all, aren't we all somewhat "blindfolded" as we figure out where our place is in this world?


“I can't pronounce their name but I love their music."

-Literally everyone, ever.


About The Band:


From small town roots to national tours, Dionysia has been making an impact with their dynamic sound since 2010. Born in the noisy basements of Vermont, the four piece Indie/Alternative Rock group brings a fresh sound to the airwaves through a blend of contemporary influence and classic tonality. Based out of Boston, MA but with a fan base spanning the globe, Dionysia's unique and honest approach to music is sure to catch your attention and leave you wanting more.

Garrett Brown | Vocals, Guitar

Julien Vandal | Vocals, Sax, Keyboards

Josh Weirs | Bass

Alex Myers | Drums


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